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I just love ice cream!


Katya d'Angelo started The Udder Guys in 2017 after moving to Waterbury and discovering there was no place to get a scoop of ice cream in the village on a hot summer day. Disappointed that the closest place was on a busy road with no sidewalk, too far from the village for kids to walk or ride their bikes, and so famous that it's packed with visitors in the summer and fall, she decided to be the go-to village scooper.


In 2022, Katya trained me (Eli) to help scoop for the summer and then sold me the trike to help me get started as a young entrepreneur. Learning to run my own micro-business is hard work, but scooping ice cream for people is also really fun. I love meeting people at the various events we attend and getting to help make them smile with a scoop or two of what we think is the best ice cream around!

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